To help shape new ideas for growing our learning across the city, we recently conducted a short survey to capture positive stories about changes to behaviour, thinking, or priorities that have happened for those living in the greater Christchurch area, as a result of the rāhui or lockdown.
Our city has had unique challenges over the last ten years and with that come experiences and opportunities we can build on.


Share a positive story or anecdote to illustrate your personal experience or insight:

As a learning solutions company we spend a lot of time with clients in workshops with whiteboards mapping out the vision for learning. Level 4 has meant we’ve had to migrate this process online. It’s been hard, but we were talking about how sometimes we’ve got better results. Why? Digital workshops make it easy to manage group dynamics. Polls, raising hands, separate chat channels are all options online whereas in a face to face group, these channels typically aren’t happening simultaneously. 


What is the change you wouldn’t want to lose? How could it be maintained or enhanced in the coming months?

Getting the right mix of digital and personal. We’re really looking forward to spending time with people again, but let’s keep the digital toolkit going where it makes sense.


How might Christchurch, Ōtautahi best respond as a learning city?

We can share good experiences in this space, and help each other get the most out of digital tools.


Submit your stories of change HERE.