Ako Ōtautahi Learning City Christchurch champions learning as a way to transform lives, communities, organisations and cities.

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Aukahatia tō waka | Tighten the bindings of your waka (so that)
Kia kumea e te au | When pulled upon by the tides
Kia puhia e te hau | And blown by the winds
Ka huri noatia tō hoe | You can but turn your paddle (and)
Ka aro tonutia kā whetū | Continue to heed the stars.

Photo: Erica Austin

Tūhura | Discover

What a learning city is, and what it will do for you!

Learning Cities and cities of learning are flourishing across the world. They are making lifelong learning a reality in their communities by connecting people to learning opportunities – creating them, supporting them or doing them. Learning cities are about making connections and enabling opportunities for all. They help grow learning that is future-focused, locally connected and globally relevant.

We are part of a world-wide network that champions diverse learning opportunities, uses the strengths within the community and helps develop a more equitable and sustainable society.


Tūhono | Connect

With diverse people and organisations providing learning opportunities!

Are you a keen learner or a provider of learning opportunities? We want to hear from you! Learning City Christchurch is a movement to help you connect with learning experiences across the city. We’re keen for all people to be recognised and to move people out of silos. There are some pretty amazing things happening already but they are often hidden from view. Let’s change that.

Photo: Erica Austin

Hōpara | Explore

Cool opportunities to learn in different ways and resources to help

Creating a learning city is a collective and continuing journey. Here’s a place where you can find learning opportunities that already exist in Christchurch and a chance to attend city-wide events that celebrate different ways of learning. We want to make existing learning opportunities more visible for all regardless of background, age, ethnicity or other diversities. And we want it to be fun!

Photo: Erica Austin

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Motivated by a dynamic team

Ako Ōtautahi Learning City Christchurch is curated and nurtured by a dynamic team, group of trustees, advisory trustees and youth advisory trustees.

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We're committed to creating opportunities for everyone...

Ako Ōtautahi Learning City Christchurch is focused on Equity, Access and Innovation.


Mana taurite | Equity

We support projects that aim to reduce poverty and enable learners to be successful. We support the development of social capital - creating new links across the city using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as a framework. We focus on collaboration rather than competition for the benefit of all.


Āheitaka | Access

All people should have access to learning. This includes intergenerational learning and inclusion.
We create opportunities for families to explore learning experiences together and help individuals and groups to connect while supporting them to do their own work.


Aroka Hou | Innovation

This includes transformation and disruption of things that are not working, creation of new ideas and opportunities and acting on these. We target future-focused approaches to learning, use of technology to support learning and the fostering of city-wide dispositions that are agile and adaptive. We encourage creativity and fun.


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