Ako Ōtautahi
Learning City Christchurch Team

Cheryl Doig


Leadership Futurist - Think Beyond
Dr Cheryl Doig is a leadership futurist with a passion for supporting leaders and organisations to think differently in order to adapt to a rapi...

Elle Archer


Director I Innovator I Educator I Technologist I Speaker
Elle is passionate about helping to create purpose-driven, connective, collaborative, and innovative communities. She ...

Louisa Bangma


Business Manager - Recalibrate Ltd. Event Manager – Future of Learning
Louisa is the Business and Project Manager of Recalibrate, an IT Management Consultancy, and Event Manager of  T...

Hafsa Ahmed


Lecturer - Lincoln University
Dr Hafsa Ahmed is a lecturer at Lincoln University with expertise in managing change, stakeholder engagement and project management. She has p...

Erica Austin


CEO and Founder - E.A.Curation
Erica Austin is a multipotentialite – person with multiple passions – experience curator, community weaver, lifelong learner, facili...

Ben Reed


Managing Director - HamiltonJet
Ben originates from the UK where he studied Mechanical Engineering and worked for 20 years prior to coming to NZ.  The majority of this time was...

Robin Sutton


Principal, Te Huruhuru Ao o Horomaka Hornby High School
Robin has worked in education and the not for profit sector during a forty year career. He taught at Hornby High School in the late 90s before b...

Our ways of working together and with others:

Learning City Christchurch is focused on Equity, Access and Innovation.



We support projects that aim to reduce poverty and enable learners to be successful. We support the development of social capital - creating new links across the city using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as a framework. We focus on collaboration rather than competition for the benefit of all.



All people should have access to learning. This includes intergenerational learning and inclusion.
We create opportunities for families to explore learning experiences together and help individuals and groups to connect while supporting them to do their own work.



This includes transformation and disruption of things that are not working, creation of new ideas and opportunities and acting on these. We target future-focused approaches to learning, use of technology to support learning and the fostering of city-wide dispositions that are agile and adaptive. We encourage creativity and fun.


Aligned and influenced by sustainability...

Learning City Christchurch is strongly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and we’re actively encouraging individuals and organisations to consider how these impact on their practice and direction. How can we all work together to make it work!